After the fun of the tug of war dies down, ask the children which end the rope starts from -pick up first one end, then the other. The children will quickly realize there is no obvious answer.

You can then move on to talking about how leaving can feel like an internal tug of war, sad to leave but excited about seo services sydney what the future might hold. You can also use the rope to show that leaving could be a goodbye, but it is also a beginning.

Get some music for the pupils to listen to – perhaps Hello Goodbye by the Beatles – whilst they think about how what they have enjoyed in the past but also what they are looking forward to in the days, weeks and months to come.

3) School as an Acronym

For this assembly you will need a flip chart to write up ideas and some audience participation from the pupils.

The idea is to get everyone thinking about all of the good things that school means to them. Explain to the children that is can be all too easy to dwell on bad things that have happened in the past and overlook the more positive experiences. Ask them to call out words which reflect their positive feelings about school.

Once this exercise has finished, reveal a prepared acronym:

S = Safe

C = Challenged

H = Happy

O = Optimistic

O = Orderly

L = Learning

Get all of the children to join in, repeating before each letter/word ‘At school I am….’

Finish the assembly by getting the children to reflect on how thinking about school more positively could make them happier.

4) Oscars for Teachers Assembly

This one takes a bit of preparation in advance but it can be a really fun way to bring pupils and teachers together.

Decide on a number of categories in advance and make them as silly as you want. Suggestions could be the ‘Teacher who is the best at field trips’, the ‘Best dressed teacher’ or even the ‘Coolest Dude Teacher’!

Post boxes around the school and get teachers to give out voting slips so that pupils can vote for their choices. This will build up anticipation for the ‘ceremony’ and get everyone talking about which teacher will win what!

Obviously the Oscars will need to include awards so each class could make their own foil covered cardboard cut-out for the winning teacher to receive.

This is a great end of term assembly and getting teachers to dress up and give thank-you speeches will get everyone into the spirit.