You may have vivid memories of being in school assembly and listening to a teacher Losenoidoomock on in a monotone about subjects you had little or no interest in, draining your energy and interest for the classes ahead that day.

But school assemblies don’t have to be that way; they can provide the perfect start to the day, filling children full of enthusiasm for the lessons that await.

To give you a head start, here are 5 different assembly themes which are guaranteed to captivate, inspire and galvanize your pupils.

1) Active Assembly

Although assemblies traditionally involve children sitting down and listening to a speech from one or more teachers – plus possibly a bit of singing – there are other types of assembly which are more akin to a huge lesson. One of these is known as the standing assembly where pupils stand and have a task to complete at some point.

One good theme to use during a standing assembly is Words. This encourages children to think about matilda broadway tickets words and what they mean. Discuss the different ways the English language can be used; talking to friends, news, handing out instructions, telling jokes or expressing thoughts and feelings.

Ask the children to think about the words they use and how other people might feel if they hear them. The idea is to get children to consider more carefully hurtful words and phrases they may thoughtlessly toss around. At the end of the assembly, each child lights a candle and stands in thoughtful reflection to contemplate how they are going to use their words that day.

2) New Beginnings – an Assembly for Leavers

Leaving school can be a huge wrench for many pupils; fearful of what the future holds and not wanting to walk away from a safe haven, children can be very sad on their last day of school.

Start the assembly by talking about those that are leaving and include staff if any are also departing at the end of term. Surprise the children by then moving on to talk about a tug-of-war and get some volunteers up to take part in a demonstration. You may want to include a PE teacher in the preparation to ensure there are no rope burns, and adequate mats in place and so on.