5) 100 Days of School Assembly

This assembly can be a recurring theme which takes places every year and is a mini celebration in itself. See the biggest online free encyclopedia.

A popular assembly in schools all over the world, it is held on the 100th school day every year and focuses on the number 100.

What you want to include in the seo services london 100 assembly will vary on the year – it’s a great way to celebrate something which has reached its 100 year anniversary! In 1912, the zipper was first used in items of clothing, the Royal Air Force was created (known then as Royal Air Corps) and the Titanic sunk. For 1913 ideas could include the birth of Jesse Owens, the highest temperature ever recorded in the world occurred (Death Valley in California – a scorching 134 degrees Fahrenheit) and one of the most famous events of the suffragette movement, Emily Davis stepping under the hoofs of the King’s horse in the Epsom derby.

More generic themes could include a participation assembly where the pupils – with a bit of help from teachers if needed – come up with 100 things they are grateful for. And this does not mean listing toys such as PlayStations!

To make the day really special encourage teachers to adopt the 100 theme for lessons – whether that’s learning to say ’100′ in different languages, writing a 100 word story or discovering how far 100 footsteps lined up toe to heel would cover.

The above are just five ways to get pupils enthused about attending assembly. Participation is a great way to stop them zoning out and by keeping the subjects and method of delivery varied, pupils will never know what to expect – other than to be totally enthralled!