After the fun of the tug of war dies down, ask the children which end the rope starts from -pick up first one end, then the other. The children will quickly realize there is no obvious answer.

You can then move on to talking about how leaving can feel like an internal tug of war, sad to leave but excited about seo services sydney what the future might hold. You can also use the rope to show that leaving could be a goodbye, but it is also a beginning.

Get some music for the pupils to listen to – perhaps Hello Goodbye by the Beatles – whilst they think about how what they have enjoyed in the past but also what they are looking forward to in the days, weeks and months to come.

3) School as an Acronym

For this assembly you will need a flip chart to write up ideas and some audience participation from the pupils.

The idea is to get everyone thinking about all of the good things that school means to them. Explain to the children that is can be all too easy to dwell on bad things that have happened in the past and overlook the more positive experiences. Ask them to call out words which reflect their positive feelings about school.

Once this exercise has finished, reveal a prepared acronym:

S = Safe

C = Challenged

H = Happy

O = Optimistic

O = Orderly

L = Learning

Get all of the children to join in, repeating before each letter/word ‘At school I am….’

Finish the assembly by getting the children to reflect on how thinking about school more positively could make them happier.

4) Oscars for Teachers Assembly

This one takes a bit of preparation in advance but it can be a really fun way to bring pupils and teachers together.

Decide on a number of categories in advance and make them as silly as you want. Suggestions could be the ‘Teacher who is the best at field trips’, the ‘Best dressed teacher’ or even the ‘Coolest Dude Teacher’!

Post boxes around the school and get teachers to give out voting slips so that pupils can vote for their choices. This will build up anticipation for the ‘ceremony’ and get everyone talking about which teacher will win what!

Obviously the Oscars will need to include awards so each class could make their own foil covered cardboard cut-out for the winning teacher to receive.

This is a great end of term assembly and getting teachers to dress up and give thank-you speeches will get everyone into the spirit.

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5) 100 Days of School Assembly

This assembly can be a recurring theme which takes places every year and is a mini celebration in itself. See the biggest online free encyclopedia.

A popular assembly in schools all over the world, it is held on the 100th school day every year and focuses on the number 100.

What you want to include in the seo services london 100 assembly will vary on the year – it’s a great way to celebrate something which has reached its 100 year anniversary! In 1912, the zipper was first used in items of clothing, the Royal Air Force was created (known then as Royal Air Corps) and the Titanic sunk. For 1913 ideas could include the birth of Jesse Owens, the highest temperature ever recorded in the world occurred (Death Valley in California – a scorching 134 degrees Fahrenheit) and one of the most famous events of the suffragette movement, Emily Davis stepping under the hoofs of the King’s horse in the Epsom derby.

More generic themes could include a participation assembly where the pupils – with a bit of help from teachers if needed – come up with 100 things they are grateful for. And this does not mean listing toys such as PlayStations!

To make the day really special encourage teachers to adopt the 100 theme for lessons – whether that’s learning to say ’100′ in different languages, writing a 100 word story or discovering how far 100 footsteps lined up toe to heel would cover.

The above are just five ways to get pupils enthused about attending assembly. Participation is a great way to stop them zoning out and by keeping the subjects and method of delivery varied, pupils will never know what to expect – other than to be totally enthralled!

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You may have vivid memories of being in school assembly and listening to a teacher Losenoidoomock on in a monotone about subjects you had little or no interest in, draining your energy and interest for the classes ahead that day.

But school assemblies don’t have to be that way; they can provide the perfect start to the day, filling children full of enthusiasm for the lessons that await.

To give you a head start, here are 5 different assembly themes which are guaranteed to captivate, inspire and galvanize your pupils.

1) Active Assembly

Although assemblies traditionally involve children sitting down and listening to a speech from one or more teachers – plus possibly a bit of singing – there are other types of assembly which are more akin to a huge lesson. One of these is known as the standing assembly where pupils stand and have a task to complete at some point.

One good theme to use during a standing assembly is Words. This encourages children to think about matilda broadway tickets words and what they mean. Discuss the different ways the English language can be used; talking to friends, news, handing out instructions, telling jokes or expressing thoughts and feelings.

Ask the children to think about the words they use and how other people might feel if they hear them. The idea is to get children to consider more carefully hurtful words and phrases they may thoughtlessly toss around. At the end of the assembly, each child lights a candle and stands in thoughtful reflection to contemplate how they are going to use their words that day.

2) New Beginnings – an Assembly for Leavers

Leaving school can be a huge wrench for many pupils; fearful of what the future holds and not wanting to walk away from a safe haven, children can be very sad on their last day of school.

Start the assembly by talking about those that are leaving and include staff if any are also departing at the end of term. Surprise the children by then moving on to talk about a tug-of-war and get some volunteers up to take part in a demonstration. You may want to include a PE teacher in the preparation to ensure there are no rope burns, and adequate mats in place and so on.

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The decision to remodel your Naples Losenoidoomock kitchen is a big one, and there are many elements to consider carefully when remodeling. One of the most important elements that must be chosen correctly is the kitchen cabinet design, as the style of cabinet chosen can make or break the kitchen’s décor. Here are some questions to help you get started choosing your kitchen cabinets:

Why don’t you like your current cabinets?

If they are old or broken, the answer is obvious. If, however, you simply don’t like their look or the way they complement your kitchen décor, consider carefully what it is that is the cause of your distaste. Finding out what is wrong with your current cabinets can help you to ensure that the next set you choose will not share the same flaws.

Are you going to live in your home for many years?

Those looking to live in their house for many years to come may be willing to pay more than those looking to sell in a few years, and this is an important question to ask and answer. As you shop for your cabinets, think about how long you want to live in your home. You may miami seo company want to spend more if you are going to be leaving soon, as that will increase your kitchen’s value. Many Naples cabinet companies are starting to sort of use this as a selling point, and I don’t blame them!

What is your kitchen’s current style?

Evaluating the current décor of your kitchen will be important, as that will help you to choose the cabinets that will complement your countertops, stove, and sinks best. Look at the colors of your kitchen, as well as the style of the roof and floor both. Taking these factors into account can help you choose the best cabinets for your kitchen.

Is wood the material of choice?

There are many types of woods that can be used for your kitchen cabinets, but eco-friendly materials like bamboo can also be used to enhance the décor of your kitchen. You may find that plastic laminate or melamine will provide an alternative finish to your kitchen’s décor, and there are many more options of materials to use aside from wood.

Do you have enough storage space currently?

If the storage potential of your kitchen cabinets is adequate, you won’t need to upgrade the cabinets in size at least. If your cabinets are not large enough to hold all of your kitchenware, you may want to consider installing larger cabinets to accommodate everything you will want to store in your kitchen.

Is durability more important than appeal?

Durability is important, but appeal may take precedence in many people’s minds. Determining which is more important for you will help you to select the type of cabinet that will fit your needs. Appealing cabinets tend to be cheaper, but durable cabinets will last many more years.


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To the average Naples family, vacation time is a busy one. Whether you’re going on a road trip, abroad, or staying local there’s a lot to plan, to do and to experience. Christmas is one such time, that’s full of things that need doing to achieve the desired effect, but we as men, and fathers sometimes miss out on the big picture.

My son ran up to me the other day and told me he wanted the best Christmas ever this year. I immediately thought of all the things I had to do before the day, shopping, gifts, decorating the tree, organizing family and a host of other things. I also do the cooking in our family so I had that to worry about too. Getting the groceries, planning meals and seating plans while my wife looked after the cinderella broadway tickets presents and other activities.

This took me away from the whole spirit of the holiday. I had taken vacation time so I could be with my family over the holidays because I normally worked. Americans work more than most other Western countries, so it’s easy to get caught up with the demands of work. Apparently we work a full nine weeks a year more than anyone in Europe. Thirty-eight percent of fathers report they regularly work more than fifty hours a week. It’s no wonder that we sometimes forget the bigger picture.

It’s no surprise that the spirit of Christmas often passes us by. With that in mind, to the Naples family, vacation time is an important time to spend together, catching up on what we missed and making up for having to be at work so much.

To make the most of holiday or vacation time, it’s necessary to lose the goal-oriented mentality and ask “what does my family need?” This will still involve tasks and things to do, but with a wider scope and perspective. Changing the habit of a lifetime won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding. Try it one Christmas and see the difference in your family. If the change is positive, use it as motivation to continue the behavior with them.

Standing there looking at my son, it was also time to get into the spirit of Christmas and see the bigger picture. So I sat us both down on the chair and asked him how and why he wanted this Christmas to be the best one ever.


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